….All that matters is that we’re gnashing!

Hello World,

I woke up this morning and needed to get this up and running today. My life is food, I love to consume, observe, research, understand and be one with food. But I especially love gnashing  (I like a taste of everything, a girl can’t help it, trust). Food has been on my radar for 23 years now and it’s time to start discussing it. My hope is to bring some ideas, thoughts, alterations, creativity, and relationships to your gnashing. As I am pretty into nutrition, I will be talking a lot about other options, guidelines, and support to create some good refined gnashes. I will integrate a lot of the following topics as well: culture, health, holistic approaches, politics, access, community, fitness, do it your own ideas, visual art, music, and all things that involve life. My goals for this journey are beyond the web, with hopes of community building, and support. My favorite thing about food is the style, ritual, grove of the act of feeding your body, and my hope is to help everyone find this relationship to our bodies, the earth, and ourselves. Hope you can be part of the conversation.


Here’s some China Gnashin for ya:


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